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cradle song

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  • A lullaby.

    ‘Similarly, the Berceuse gains much from being played simply - as a cradle song.’
    • ‘The European cradle song tries only to put the child to sleep.’
    • ‘The state of Bengal during the 18th century has nowhere been so vividly pictured as it has in that famous Bengali cradle song.’
    • ‘Then, at last, quite recently, I got it: a man told me that is definitely an old Basque cradle song.’
    • ‘Not only does he ‘love the cradle songs the mothers sing’, he has composed one.’
    • ‘The cradle songs are a perfect illustration of Isokoski's approach: simple, direct, and deeply moving.’
    • ‘‘We included cradle songs which imitated rocking-chair rhythms,’ says Montemurro.’
    cradle song, soothing song, gentle song, quiet song


cradle song

/ˈkrādl sôNG/ /ˈkreɪdl sɔŋ/