Definition of cradleboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrādlˌbôrd/ /ˈkreɪdlˌbɔrd/


  • A board to which an infant is strapped, traditionally used by some North American Indian peoples.

    ‘They tell about how cradleboards were decorated, and how twins were sometimes looked upon as a sign of bad luck.’
    • ‘Cradles, sometimes called cradleboards, were also the product of women's work.’
    • ‘Until he was able to walk, an Iroquois baby spent his days secured to a cradleboard.’
    • ‘Other uses of the area include historical occupancy for farming and use of willow to make cradleboards.’
    • ‘For good luck the umbilical cord was sown into a small hide pouch and attached to the cradleboard.’