Definition of cranberry bog in English:

cranberry bog


  • A bog where cranberries are grown and which is then flooded with water for the floating berries to be harvested.

    ‘we can buy cranberries that only days before were floating in a cranberry bog’
    • ‘The company wants to build a large solar panel array on a former cranberry bog.’
    • ‘By the early twentieth century, Cape Verdeans were also frequently employed in the cranberry bogs.’
    • ‘Coyotes were often observed hunting rodents in the cranberry bogs at the rendezvous site.’
    • ‘About 300 acres of cranberry bog have returned to various stages of native wetlands.’
    • ‘He pointed to the cranberry bogs, which will soon be replanted with new, more productive plant varieties.’
    • ‘He farms the cranberry bog for Carlisle under a lease agreement with the town.’
    • ‘The family still owns and will farm its cranberry bogs.’
    • ‘Like many other blueberry farms in the state, this one started as a cranberry bog.’
    • ‘Forty years ago, Carver was a rural farmland filled with cranberry bogs and a population hovering around 2,000 people.’
    • ‘Besides their cranberry bog, the couple are selling vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fresh-baked goods.’