Definition of cranesbill in English:



  • A herbaceous plant that typically has lobed leaves and purple, violet, or pink five-petaled flowers.

    Genus Geranium, family Geraniaceae: several species, including the common meadow cranesbill (G. pratense), with deeply toothed leaves and bluish-purple flowers

    ‘If you lack the time or expertise to plant your own cranesbills, lay a bluestone walk, or install terraces.’
    • ‘There are millions upon millions of ruby bloody cranesbills.’
    • ‘He's counted 16 species of the ‘prettier’ wildflowers, including cranesbill, figwort and dog rose.’
    • ‘The plants include Arctic varieties, alpines, orchids and rarities such as gentians and bloody cranesbills.’
    • ‘Many beautiful wild flowers, such as wood cranesbill and bistort, are mown down before they can seed.’
    • ‘There is a frog pond, a fig tree, acanthus, bamboo and cranesbill.’
    • ‘Gene suggests noninvasive perennials such as cranesbill, bleeding heart, and daylilies.’
    • ‘Its dense growth is overshadowing native wild flowers such as ragged robin, marsh woundwart and meadow cranesbill.’
    • ‘Suitable for the less formal border are foxglove, cranesbill, and viper's bugloss.’
    • ‘That food consists of various seeds - including grasses, alfalfa, nettles, thistles, shepherd's purse and cranesbill.’



/ˈkrānzbil/ /ˈkreɪnzbɪl/


Mid 16th century so named because of the long spur on the fruit, thought to resemble a crane's beak.