Definition of crash mat in English:

crash mat


  • A thick padded mat used to cushion a landing or fall in sports or the performance of stunts.

    ‘we have crash mats and a harness, so it is safe’
    • ‘She tumbled lightly onto the crash mats behind her.’
    • ‘Don't even try the stunt without plenty of practice and a crash mat!’
    • ‘There was a resounding smack as I landed on my back on a crash mat and struggled to breathe.’
    • ‘Reese didn't realise Mark had set up an elaborate stunt and had laid out crash mats to cushion his fall.’
    • ‘When you consider the distance they fall, a gymnast would expect a proper crash mat.’
    • ‘The 14-year-old Romanian gymnast arched in mid-air on her dismount from the uneven parallel bars then she landed softly on the crash mat.’
    • ‘On that occasion, stage technicians forgot to put out the crash mats, and she eventually had to have the limb amputated.’
    • ‘It was due to Glen's encouragement and ability to "spot" that he coaxed me into somersaulting in the air around his arm and onto a crash mat.’
    • ‘There are crash mats provided at the exit points of the bouncy castle so that if anyone does fall off they land on the mats provided.’
    • ‘A portable crash mat is often used to protect fallers and the climber should stay within a height where is safe to fall from without injury.’