Definition of crawl space in English:

crawl space


  • An area of limited height under a floor or roof, giving access to wiring and plumbing.

    • ‘For existing homes, you can utilize the crawl space, attic and areas such as closets, pantries or soffits to simplify installation of the piping.’
    • ‘If you can access it from a crawl space or basement, that is where I would place the shims.’
    • ‘Install rigid insulation foamboard against the foundation from the subfloor to the plastic on the floor of the crawl space.’
    • ‘The second method, and probably the most common, is to run the duct down through the bottom of the cabinet and through the floor, into the crawl space below.’
    • ‘I heard these stories from the crawl space under the floor joist of the cosmology shop, where I practiced the espionage of childhood.’
    • ‘If you insulate a floor above a crawl space, all ducts and water lines running below the insulation should be insulated as well.’
    • ‘Some of these systems can be added under the floor in a crawl space.’
    • ‘When the unsightly ducts are put in an attic or a crawl space, a common practice in much of the country, this leaking air is lost to the great outdoors.’
    • ‘Upon closer inspection, the crawl space beneath my kitchen floor revealed the problem.’
    • ‘That's fine if you have a basement or a crawl space beneath, but could present problems if the room is on a slab.’
    • ‘Most builders are required to supply exhaust fans in these areas, but some vent the moisture into an attic or a crawl space where mold can germinate and re-enter the house.’
    • ‘Eventually the building itself was lifted off its foundation as the crawl space was turned into a ground floor.’
    • ‘Open your foundation vents each spring if your home has a crawl space under it.’
    • ‘Close your foundation vents in the winter if there's a crawl space under your home.’
    • ‘Spread heavy plastic or roofing paper over 80 percent of your crawl space to control dampness.’
    • ‘I recommend installing closable vents for the crawl space.’
    • ‘Insulate crawl space walls only if the crawl space is dry all year, the floor above is not insulated, and all ventilation to the crawl space is blocked.’
    • ‘Whether or not to ventilate a crawl space has been a controversial issue.’
    • ‘If the crawl space is not ventilated, it may have insulation on the perimeter wall.’
    • ‘If you home has a crawl space beneath, keep the vents on all sides of the house fully open all year.’