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  • 1In a mad, wild, or erratic way.

    ‘an audience of boys laughed crazily’
    • ‘From where we were, we could just see a group of people running around crazily in the centre of the park.’
    • ‘Kevin squeaked in a high pitch voice flinging his arms crazily.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, many soldiers were still fighting crazily.’
    • ‘I smiled so widely, and waved my hands crazily, hoping they saw us.’
    • ‘He was waving the gun crazily.’
    • ‘His heart thudded crazily.’
    • ‘He laughed crazily.’
    • ‘They asked their question yet again, and Bill began laughing crazily in response, growing hysterical.’
    • ‘And so off we went, roaring crazily through hilly, wet, winding roads through the darkness.’
    • ‘I know I am talking crazily.’
    1. 1.1In a foolish way.
      ‘the couple crazily hoped he would give his blessings’
      • ‘She comments crazily on how much fun this will be.’
      • ‘It's just this wild, indescribable experience which I will now foolishly and crazily attempt to describe.’
      • ‘The crazily ambitious restaurant project seemed doomed.’
      • ‘People have such crazily high romantic expectations these days.’
      • ‘They're not crazily overpriced.’
      • ‘Crazily, a story with a lot of action, location and cast was the objective, to creative something greater than the budget might imply.’
      • ‘Every time the doorbell or the phone rang, I crazily hoped it was him.’
      • ‘Crazily, I would watch the nightly newscasts for revelations.’
      • ‘They were very grateful and crazily felt bad for not getting us something.’
      • ‘I traveled with Lily and my great roadtrip partner, my cousin Beth, who crazily agreed to this idea.’
  • 2In an extremely enthusiastic way.

    ‘they're soul mates and absolutely crazily in love’
    • ‘You must have seen the soft side of her to fall for her so crazily.’
    • ‘Then I became crazily obsessed with acting.’
    • ‘My works sold crazily in Japan.’
    • ‘I love them all, I love them crazily and they love me back, that's why they stay with me.’
    • ‘They are reportedly crazily in love.’
    • ‘So crazily committed was she to her boyfriend that she tattooed his name on her lower abdomen.’
    • ‘He does this out of solemn devotion to the truth, he says, and not because he has been crazily obsessed with her.’
    • ‘Aiden watched us both warily, uncertain as to why we were grinning crazily at each other.’
  • 3as submodifier To a great or absurd extent.

    ‘this year has gone crazily fast’
    • ‘My dress flew out at all angles, whipping past the other competitors who were moving as crazily fast as we were.’
    • ‘The girl was crazily happy because she gets to go on a vacation.’
    • ‘Actually, everything's getting crazily busy at the moment.’
    • ‘The camera is crazily expensive.’
    • ‘When conceptual art is done well, it's crazily good.’
    • ‘It was like some kind of crazily dangerous child's game.’
    • ‘It's supposed to be crazily hot and humid today.’
    • ‘The traffic was crazily busy for that time of night.’
    • ‘For months I've been wandering around, burbling about how crazily happy I am.’
    • ‘They are a crazily talented group of musicians!’



/ˈkrāzəlē/ /ˈkreɪzəli/