Definición de crazy eights en inglés

crazy eights


Norteamericano treated as singular
  • A card game in which players attempt to match a card in their hand by rank or suit to the previous card played, with eight being a wild card.

    ‘the three of us were playing crazy eights on a wobbly table in the library’
    • ‘All of their disputes are settled in games of crazy eights.’
    • ‘Crazy Pairs is a souped-up version of Crazy Eights which adds some strategy to the game.’
    • ‘Crates is a form of Crazy Eights, played with a normal 52-card deck, with enough extra rules to be amusing.’
    • ‘Mostly, Dad and I sit around in our costumes playing Go Fish and Crazy Eights.’
    • ‘Saturday nights after dinner are good times for card games: UNO, war games, crazy eights, rummy, old maid, poker, 21.’
    • ‘As far as "making up games" goes, the most I can recall is the occasional weird card rule in Crazy Eights.’
    • ‘Crazy Eights is one of the easiest games to elaborate by adding variations, and is rarely played in its basic form.’
    • ‘I taught him to play Crazy Eights - I thought I'd done this before, but apparently I was thinking of my daughter instead.’
    • ‘The two eventually got the hang of crazy eights.’
    • ‘If your kids are sick of the standard Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Rummy games, buy a kids' card games book for new ideas.’