Definition of cream-coloured in English:



  • Of a very pale yellow or off-white colour.

    ‘floors in cream-coloured marble’
    • ‘The young soldier handed him a folded sheet of heavy cream-coloured paper.’
    • ‘Behind its traditional cream-coloured facade, the hotel is essentially a new building.’
    • ‘Every corner I rounded brought another unforgettable view of the Atlantic ocean rolling onto an sweep of cream-coloured sand.’
    • ‘This bizarre little fish resembles a large, cream-coloured tadpole with a long, pointed snout.’
    • ‘She took a card that had a painting of frilled cream-coloured tulips against a pale blue ground on the front.’
    • ‘I felt quite shabby in my plain cream-coloured gown next to the finery of the other ladies.’
    • ‘Police said the first man was white, in his early 30s, about 6ft 2in tall and wearing a cream-coloured Puffa jacket.’
    • ‘Fences, wooden shutters and doors are painted in striking colours to contrast with the indigenous cream-coloured limestone of buildings.’
    • ‘Her smooth black hair fell around her shoulders, and her cream-coloured dress nearly matched her pale complexion.’
    • ‘Her waist-length black coat was hanging off her narrow shoulders and her face was made all the paler by the cream-coloured polo neck which she was wearing underneath.’
    • ‘Both of the bedrooms are doubles with cream-coloured walls, beech hardwood floors and built-in wardrobes.’
    • ‘Down the road, cream-colored Victorian homes built for officers now house offices for nonprofit groups.’
    • ‘She wore a cream-colored gown with a soft, sage-green trim.’
    • ‘The perfect choice for more conservative dressers, this Paul Smith print tie features a simple cream-colored pattern over a burgundy background.’
    • ‘They were sitting together on one of the living room's cream-colored couches, talking quietly.’
    • ‘Our three bedrooms, living room and dining room have cream-colored wall-to-wall carpet.’
    • ‘I was distracted and irritable when I pulled into the grocery-store parking lot in my cream-colored, recently waxed Volvo.’
    • ‘The quickest way to learn what makes Tom Kelly tick is to explore the three photographs that are taped to a cream-colored file cabinet behind his desk.’
    • ‘This plant, found only in clay soils, sports large leaflets and numerous cream-colored flowers.’
    • ‘My mom and I are scouring New York City for a cream-colored cocktail dress that will show off my long legs.’
    off-white, whitish, cream-coloured, creamy, ivory, yellowish white, pearly