Definition of cream off in English:

cream off

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phrasal verb

  • 1cream something off, cream off somethingMake an excessive profit on a transaction.

    • ‘they have been accused of creaming off fat profits in house insurance commission’
    1. 1.1cream someone off, cream off someoneTake the best of a group of people or things, especially in a way that is considered unfair.
      ‘the schools cream off some of the better students’
      • ‘Lucky or prescient players would win fabulous prizes, and pure, unbiased, aggregate intelligence could be creamed off the top because markets always get it right in the end.’
      • ‘Now admittedly, this is largely because of the fees being creamed off by the investment managers.’
      • ‘The specialized schools will continue to cream off the very best of our students, while the marginal and challenged are left behind in the general high school population.’
      • ‘Who historically has skimmed the cream off the top?’
      • ‘Of course, the small integrated schools will cream off a lot of the glory because of their name and ethos.’
      • ‘Any system which creams off the most academically gifted children and then submits them to a national test set by all pupils should have outstanding results.’
      • ‘They enable women to manage this double shift, but at the cost of their ambition, creating a twin-track labour market with men creaming off all the top jobs.’
      • ‘The result has been destructive with ‘top’ schools creaming off the best talent.’
      • ‘His argument is that grammar schools depress standards by creaming off the most able pupils.’
      • ‘Neighbouring schools and boroughs complained that brighter children were being creamed off, seriously disadvantaging those schools which were still genuinely comprehensive.’
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