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cream soda

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mainly North American
  • A carbonated vanilla-flavored soft drink.

    ‘For a treat, serve the guests green sherbet with cream soda or ginger ale.’
    • ‘Vanilla, too, pairs naturally well with mixers that have vanilla tones of their own, including cream soda and cola.’
    • ‘Vernors, which is kind of like a cross between ginger ale and cream soda, may be difficult to find at the local 7-11, but it's still around today.’
    • ‘Holly and I came over with several cases of cream soda, a blender, and a book on Feng Shui (our idea of house-warming gifts).’
    • ‘‘I'll order the pepperoni and pineapple pizza if you go pick up the movies and some cream soda,’ she told him.’
    • ‘‘I hope you like cream soda,’ she said placing one in front of Laura with that same grin on her face.’
    • ‘So I ended up spending most of Lara's labor hours sipping cream soda and staring dazedly at the T.V. screen, not really seeing it.’
    • ‘Two glass bottles of cream soda sat temptingly in the refrigerator.’
    • ‘She opens her eyes to see a can of cream soda sitting on the desk.’
    • ‘He invites me into his tiny Loring Park apartment and offers cream soda.’
    • ‘I grinned and grabbed the six-pack of cream soda we had stolen from the supply room last year.’
    • ‘He went into the fridge, picked up a can of cream soda, and took the seat across from me.’
    • ‘I had two Sourdough Jack's with extra pickles and cream soda.’
    • ‘It tastes similar to cream soda but has a sort of raspberry flavour as well (in my opinion, but it could just be the red colour).’
    • ‘She chuckled a little and pulled the ring on her can of cream soda.’
    • ‘Ryan handed her the paper and grudgingly sat down with a diet cream soda.’
    • ‘Kids can become tour members, too, by joining the Root Beer Tour, sampling a number of boutique non-alcoholic, carbonated brews including a number of root beer and cream sodas.’
    • ‘We sat outside drinking cream sodas and talked about the evolution of the game and about coaching and the struggle of the black athlete.’
    • ‘Jason walked back with two cream sodas in his hand.’
    • ‘It didn't feel like October at all, the tourists all looking sedated under the wilting heat and queuing for ice-creams at Perry's which sells 21 different flavours, as well as malts, floats and cream sodas.’


cream soda

/krēm ˈsōdə/ /krim ˈsoʊdə/