Definition of creamy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrēmē/ /ˈkrimi/

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adjectivecreamier, creamiest

  • 1Resembling cream in consistency or color.

    ‘beat the sugar and egg yolks together until thick and creamy’
    • ‘creamy white flowers’
    • ‘To his disgust, he was not a deep green like Broccoli but a creamy white colour.’
    • ‘It is more appetising than it sounds, having the creamy white consistency of thick mayonnaise.’
    • ‘It was all creamy white with no colours to disturb the frothy flow of the fabric.’
    • ‘Elderberry bushes have creamy white flowers, which cast a sweet smell into the air.’
    • ‘It's a creamy off white, and she wonders if that affects the taste of it.’
    • ‘Yukon gold potatoes have a creamy colour, a buttery flavour and a slightly higher sugar content.’
    • ‘Cook gently to reduce to a rich, creamy consistency, then add the mussels and parsley.’
    • ‘This form has large clusters of creamy flowers, which dry to the colour of a Rich Tea biscuit.’
    • ‘It was painted a light creamy colour with glass windows and a grey roof topped it off proudly.’
    • ‘Her skin was slowly turning back to it's creamy colour again, so that was a good sign.’
    • ‘Add the yeast, milk, butter and cocoa, then mix to a smooth, creamy consistency.’
    • ‘In a separate bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until white, smooth and creamy.’
    • ‘It's got a wonderfully creamy smooth taste, slightly cheddary, and is very white.’
    • ‘Did the Dove perhaps contain something other than the soft and creamy soap?’
    • ‘It is nicely dry, creamy and smooth with citrus and tropical fruit.’
    • ‘When I talk about cheesecake I am talking about the true, baked variety, gloriously rich and creamy.’
    • ‘The glistening juice on the surface of the fish with its intense creamy aroma tantalized my tastebuds.’
    • ‘The creamy blueberry dish featured here will certainly hold well, but I cannot guarantee it will last that long.’
    • ‘Stir it into the creamy mixture, making sure it is all mixed well.’
    • ‘I could barely detect the horseradish in the creamy bed of mashed potato, a more generous grating would have perked it up.’
    smooth, thick, whipped, velvety, of an even consistency, rich, buttery
    off-white, whitish, cream-coloured, cream, ivory, yellowish white, pearly
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    1. 1.1Containing a lot of cream.
      ‘a thick, creamy dressing’
      • ‘Both dishes came with rice and a serving of salad topped with a light, creamy dressing similar to raita.’
      • ‘Gabriella pours brown sugar through creamy cappuccino foam and stirs.’
      • ‘Milk, soy milk or milk powder may also be added to give the bubble tea a creamy texture.’
      • ‘A Roman favourite is maccheroni alla carbonara, a ham and egg mixture with a creamy sauce.’
      • ‘The pieces of meat were chunky but melted in the mouth, and these were wrapped in a rich and creamy white sauce with a hint of garlic.’
      • ‘It cries out to be partnered with blue or a creamy white goats' cheese, with grapes or ripe pear on the side.’
      • ‘This came with asparagus spears and boiled potato and a very creamy white wine sauce.’
      • ‘The white onion soup was creamy and sweet with a necessary lightness for a long brunch.’
      • ‘My huge bowl contained large, moist chunks of tangy smoked haddock and other white fish in a delicious creamy sauce.’
      • ‘This consisted of thick strips of pasta wrapped in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and cheese.’
      • ‘The creamy thyme sauce was very aromatic, but the texture and cooking of the chicken strips was uneven.’
      • ‘I'm not that keen on whisky, but this creamy sauce was something I'd never tasted before and I liked it.’
      • ‘It adds lasting aroma to the tender beef, basted with a thick creamy sauce.’
      • ‘Similarly, with lighter dishes and those with creamy sauces, the acid will cut through and complement the dish.’
      • ‘Ginger paste is added to creamy coconut milk in several south Indian dishes.’