Definition of credentialed in English:


Pronunciation /krəˈdenSHəld/ /krəˈdɛnʃəld/


North American
  • Having qualifications or documentation indicating one's suitability for something.

    ‘inspections were to be done by a group of credentialed inspectors’
    • ‘Despite their credentialed heft, the panelists quickly resorted to high-minded drivel.’
    • ‘In regions with competitive markets for lawyers, the men and women who choose jobs as prosecutors tend to be better credentialed than those in uncompetitive markets.’
    • ‘These variously credentialed business advisers work with corporate HR offices for weeks or months to inculcate a philosophical message that they believe will change the fabric of a company.’
    • ‘They believe that life on earth was bioengineered by aliens and they have followers all over the world, including many genuine credentialed scientists.’
    • ‘The first sentence of the preface identifies the intended audience of this book as pre-service teachers, credentialed instructors, and other readers interested in the structure and functions of English.’
    • ‘There, for the ‘reduced’ fee of $75, I was to get, within three days, a credentialed psychotherapist's response to a sex-related question.’
    • ‘The third-party inspections were to be done by a group of credentialed inspectors.’
    • ‘It represents the brick and mortar essentials for a successful surgical procedure: credentialed staff, technology, a surgical suite, and mechanisms to maintain asepsis.’
    • ‘Since personal property appraisers are not currently regulated by state or federal government agencies, consumers are turning to trained and credentialed appraisers.’
    • ‘Programs owned by state and local governments were 6% more likely to employ these higher credentialed staff than nonprofit programs.’
    • ‘With this well credentialed cast, I expected a little more in the way of acting, but found most of it rather unexciting with very little differences between emotions.’
    • ‘I was a credentialed member of the media the whole week.’
    • ‘And it's no better to lose your hard-earned money to a credentialed huckster than to an out-and-out con man.’
    • ‘He used a credentialed source to back up a certain claim.’
    • ‘Every side with an interest in this question draws on its own bank of experts, credentialed researchers, and files full of studies.’
    • ‘There are probably groups out there with more credentialed talent.’
    • ‘What you want is a credentialed sports psychologist or psychotherapist who also works with hypnosis.’
    • ‘He exists solely as a credentialed source for anti-global warming propaganda.’
    • ‘Before the holiday weekend is over, I will do a final post on last week's convention and my role there as a credentialed blogger.’
    • ‘Of the 97 credentialed writers at the Mariners camp during spring training, 80 were Japanese.’
    certified, certificated, chartered, licensed, professional