Definition of credit agency in English:

credit agency

(also credit reference agency)


  • A company which collects information relating to the credit ratings of individuals and makes it available to banks, finance companies, etc.

    • ‘Very few small companies will use a credit agency to collect outstanding balances.’
    • ‘Each time you apply for a loan the potential lender will carry out a credit score with a credit reference agency.’
    • ‘The most comprehensive approach to take when introducing credit checks is to opt for the services of a credit agency.’
    • ‘It makes sense to obtain a copy of the credit report if credit is declined as a result of the information held by a credit reference agency.’
    • ‘It would thus be possible for a national credit agency to fund public services and to distribute a ‘national dividend’ to all citizens.’
    • ‘I don't know if a consolidation with a consumer credit agency will help.’
    • ‘The fifth section details any accounts that have been turned over to a credit agency.’
    • ‘So if the project goes bust, the company gets paid out by the export credit agency, and then the export credit agency gets paid by the Philippines government.’
    • ‘Well, they've offered 90-days of credit watch to their customers so that the credit agency will call them if there's any unusual activity on their card.’
    • ‘We accept that we shouldn't have forwarded his file to the credit agency because the account was closed.’
    • ‘One of their favorite tools for subsidizing corporate investments in the developing world is the export credit agency.’
    • ‘I'm a manager at Wendy's, and I work at a credit agency.’
    • ‘In a failed job application they will be given no reason for rejection, remaining unaware their chances were ruined by the credit reference agency.’
    • ‘If you find an inaccuracy on your credit file contact the relevant lender or credit reference agency to have it corrected immediately.’
    • ‘Before we got too excited, we checked and double checked with the tax credit agency that we were entitled to the money.’
    • ‘Information from one credit agency may not be the same as information in another.’
    • ‘It has lost its reputation as a world class export credit agency and is in the relegation zone.’
    • ‘Draft legislation aimed at setting up a dedicated export credit agency was tabled in Parliament yesterday.’
    • ‘Another woman with a similar story approached her lender, who had already sold her debt to another credit agency.’
    • ‘Although they often had personal knowledge of the business seeking credit, banks began to make more use of mercantile credit agency reports in their decisions.’