Definition of credit line in English:

credit line


another term for line of credit (see line (noun))
  • ‘‘I have great expectations about our credit line and I'm glad we're doing this,’ she says.’
  • ‘You don't need to use that for identification, and if your wallet is stolen, someone has a key to your financial history and also your credit line.’
  • ‘The contract for the credit line was signed on January 30.’
  • ‘The credit line is under an agreement for re-financing of agriculture loans to farmers, whose projects have been approved by the state fund.’
  • ‘The credit line's framework is expected to equal 60 million euro.’
  • ‘The credit will be a mix of a credit line and a loan.’
  • ‘Are you quite sure that you would qualify for a new credit line?’
  • ‘When shopping online, try to limit all of your charges to one credit card that doesn't have a massive credit line on it.’
  • ‘I was an apprentice many years ago in a professional summer stock house, and we all got a credit line in the program.’
  • ‘The second credit line will support local distributors and traders of US-made products.’
  • ‘The revolving credit line remains at $15 million.’
  • ‘But I wouldn't want to use my bank credit line for those items - why tie it up or make those purchases any more expensive than they already are by adding in financing costs?’
  • ‘Bankers and financial planners alike are suggesting to clients that one of the first things they should do is set up a credit line for ‘just in case.’’
  • ‘Recognizing that, they've opened a new credit line to provide them with the kinds of resources they would need in case of another modest interruption in the flow of payments.’
  • ‘They used $11,000 of the credit line for the college tuition of their 20-year-old daughter, Carla.’
  • ‘December holiday sales were slow, inventories were high and ‘we were starting to burn through the credit line.’’
  • ‘Oh, and may I suggest you work a little less on your pickup lines and a little more on your credit line.’
  • ‘Without either cash flow or a credit line, they have been unable to keep their stores stocked with new releases, popular mid-list and mainstay titles.’
  • ‘If so, then you've little choice but to ratchet up the company's growth rapidly - which means that a credit line probably is essential.’
  • ‘The purchase price which exceeds $20 million dollars will be initially funded utilizing our bank credit line.’