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  • (of a person or company) considered suitable to receive credit, especially because of being reliable in paying money back in the past.

    ‘It is still a buyer's market for creditworthy clients.’
    • ‘The average rate for the credit lines is the prime rate - the interest rate banks charge their most creditworthy customers.’
    • ‘There is sufficient bank credit available, for creditworthy people.’
    • ‘However, as an economic slump deepens it becomes much harder to find many creditworthy businesses.’
    • ‘‘Our theory is that it's better to have a creditworthy tenant with a well-trained pet than a non-pet owner with a poor credit history,’ she says.’
    • ‘It couldn't have been that difficult - if he was creditworthy.’
    • ‘Although landlords are always keen to land a creditworthy tenant able to sign a lease for at least 15 years or more, this time the highest rental offer will win the day.’
    • ‘The characteristically high repayment rates on loans are proof that even the very poorest people are creditworthy.’
    • ‘These deals are backed up by riskier loans either to less creditworthy borrowers in the so-called sub-prime market or to borrowers taking out second-lien mortgages.’
    • ‘Broadly speaking, households that lease seem to be at least as creditworthy as households with loans, and do not generally appear to face liquidity constraints.’
    • ‘The banks are stuffed with cash that they can't lend because few borrowers are creditworthy, and those that are won't borrow in a deflationary economy.’
    • ‘Being creditworthy, of course, is still essential.’
    • ‘The borrowers behind these loans are not the most creditworthy.’
    • ‘All but the most creditworthy of borrowers now have to pay a widening premium to account for the possibility of default.’
    • ‘If you're able to bring them into a creditworthy capability, that's even a bigger impact.’
    • ‘They wanted to persist in the belief that the blue chip debtors of yesteryear were still creditworthy.’
    • ‘Except for the most creditworthy of customers, banks are generally happier lending money if they can take some sort of security.’
    • ‘If you'll pay the high rate, and your are creditworthy, then by all means have the money.’
    • ‘Will the grower lose the capacity to manage the operation to such a degree that it implicates the ability to be considered creditworthy for future financial obligations?’
    • ‘But with few companies and property buyers to lend to, they are trying to reel in creditworthy individual borrowers with offers of low-interest personal lines of credit.’
    solvent, able to pay its debts, debt-free, not in debt, out of debt, in the black, in funds, in credit, creditworthy, of good financial standing, solid, secure



/ˈkredətˌwərT͟Hē/ /ˈkrɛdətˌwərði/