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  • 1Botany
    Any plant that grows along the ground, around another plant, or up a wall by means of extending stems or branches.

    ‘Yes muntries are little purple berries and they're the fruit of a shrub, a ground creeper, that grows down in eastern South Australia.’
    • ‘The plant, a creeper of the arum lily family, is a native of Mexico and Guatemala.’
    • ‘Flowering plants, creepers and hedge shrubs will be planted.’
    • ‘Everything was overgrown with the same creeper vines, fungi and lichen that the old fences were.’
    • ‘Bright green baby's tears, blue star creeper, and creeping thyme grow below them.’
    climbing plant, trailing plant
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  • 2Any of a number of small birds that creep around in trees or vegetation.

    ('brown creeper') the American treecreeper (Certhia americana, family Certhiidae)
    ('brown creeper') (New Zealand) a New Zealand songbird (Mohoua novaeseelandiae or Finschia novaeseelandiae, family Pachycephalidae or Acanthizidae)
    a Philippine songbird (family Rhabdornithidae and genus Rhabdornis: two species)
    a Hawaiian honeycreeper (genus Paroreomyza, family Drepanididae: three species)

    ‘One most beautiful and exotic of creepers is cardinal creeper.’
    • ‘Brown creepers have just taken over the neighborhood, you hear them everywhere you go.’
    • ‘A flock of brown creepers were on most of the trees.’
    • ‘A brown creeper also wooed us for just one day.’
    • ‘They walked down the man trail, enjoying the many songs of the tree creepers above.’
  • 3North American informal, derogatory A person whose behavior toward or interest in someone is regarded as unwelcome and socially inappropriate (typically used of a man)

    • ‘I could dance there without a creeper walking up and accosting me’
    • ‘They accuse him of being a restroom creeper.’
    • ‘I only block trolls and creepers though, which I haven't been getting a lot of lately.’
    • ‘He was a creeper who spied on her every move and manipulated his way into their lives.’
    • ‘With a creeper glint in his eyes, Peter eschews any form of anger management in favor of destroying his career in one glorious temper tantrum.’
    • ‘Whether she's demonstrating how to keep creepers away, or producing mini-musicals featuring her dogs, she is always entertaining.’
    • ‘At first, they just skulked around the windows at the viewing parties and peered in like a bunch of creepers.’
    • ‘He is a creeper who's dating a teenager, recording everything that takes place in his life and leering through windows.’
    • ‘Just because he was spying on Olivia via hidden cameras, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's a creeper.’
    • ‘Tom thinks Wendy is super cute, judging by his creeper stare, so he has her start working right away in the toy department.’
    • ‘She's dealt with her fair share of creepers when it comes to obsessive fans and trespassers at her home.’
  • 4creepers informal

  • 5A low, wheeled platform on which a mechanic lies while working on the underside of a motor vehicle.



/ˈkrēpər/ /ˈkripər/