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crème de menthe

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  • A peppermint-flavored liqueur.

    ‘Pour a generous dash of creme de menthe, Kahlua, Frangelico, or amaretto over vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, or dump some into the blender before pulverizing your milkshake.’
    • ‘My dining companion Michelle ordered a Slutini - a mix of crème de menthe, vodka and Baileys.’
    • ‘A distinctly different flavouring is provided by crème de menthe or peppermint oil.’
    • ‘He had drunk the creme de menthe and Italian liqueurs - all the stuff that will make you really ill if you have a lot of it.’
    • ‘I could tell she was serious because she had the pained expression of thought on her face and the scent of crème de menthe on her breath (my mom only drinks daiquiris and grasshoppers).’
    • ‘Simply replacing your usual plastic flask alcohol of choice with a cheap bottle of crème de menthe will give your breath and alcoholic body sweat a delightful mint aroma.’
    • ‘I asked for a mojito & they made it with creme de menthe!’
    • ‘You can get a similar product at home by mixing Fernet with about 40% creme de menthe.’
    • ‘Stir in 1 ounce of creme de menthe to each mug just before serving.’
    • ‘I chose the vitello ducale (veal in a creamy cheese sauce spiced with crème de menthe and garnished with parma ham), while Vicky settled on the cartoccio della casa (seafood and peppers).’
    • ‘To drink we started with Dom Pérignon 1996 champagne, or Bramble, made with gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice laced with crème de menthe or crushed peach and pomegranate juice combined with fresh basil.’
    • ‘It was quite extraordinary, neither too sweet nor too dry, too weak nor too strong, and had something mixed with it to take away the normal cloying quality of crème de menthe.’
    • ‘One owner requested champagne in a silver bowl for their dog and another owner wanted their Dalmatian given crème de menthe and a biscuit before bedtime.’
    • ‘When coaches signal a punt in situations like this, what they are telling players is that they've already given up and are counting the minutes till they can hit the bar for a nice honeydew-caramel crème de menthe martini.’


crème de menthe

/ˌkrem də ˈmenTH/ /ˌkrɛm də ˈmɛnθ/


French, literally ‘cream of mint’.