Definition of crenellations in English:


plural noun

  • The battlements of a castle or other building.

    • ‘Behind the gatehouse, around the monastic cloister, there were similar conversions, the whole façade being topped with a bombastic row of crenellations (battlements).’
    • ‘You will notice the buttresses, the porch, the crenellations on the walls, and the four light mullioned windows.’
    • ‘Tiered on the surrounding hills rose terracotta-roofed buildings surmounted by the beige crenellations of a castle.’
    • ‘The garden was in a yard about thirty meters by sixty, surrounded by the towering curtain wall with inward-facing crenellations.’
    • ‘The sound of the clarinet, in contrast, is depicted by a sound wave that looks like the crenellations on a castle, which leads to its more closed sound, compared to the sharp note of the violin.’
    • ‘They looked deserted, stark against the sky with snow sitting untouched on windowsills and the crumbling crenellations.’
    • ‘The two buildings have since been linked together and now feature a bright yellow exterior with turrets and crenellations designed by a Portuguese architect to resemble a medieval palace from his homeland.’
    • ‘The thirteenth-century Rocca Scaligera, with its elegant crenellations and swan-filled moat, is so photogenic that it might have been built by the local tourist board.’
    • ‘It had crates piled against it on the inside to serve as sentry stands, and makeshift crenellations atop for better protection of the archers that stood watch.’
    • ‘The towers stood proudly with flags billowing out and the crenellations were perfectly spaced like it was from a picture out of a fairy tale.’
    • ‘These are strictly known as crenellations and gave defenders something solid to hide behind when they were not firing out from the gaps in between the stone battlements.’
    • ‘He nods ominously towards the granite crenellations.’
    • ‘It's a gargantuan iron construction that weighs several hundredweight, and incorporates all sorts of spikes and crenellations.’
    castellation, parapet, rampart, balustrade, wall, bulwark, barbican, bastion