Definition of creolize in English:


(British creolise)


[with object]
  • Form (a Creole language) from the contact of a European language with a local language.

    ‘children born into pidgin-speaking communities began to creolize their linguistic inheritance’
    • ‘What evolved was a partially creolised form of Dutch which became the mother tongue not only of the Cape Dutch minority, but also of the non-white majority of the population.’
    • ‘No doubt, this new humanitarianism also reflected the fact that the missionaries now preached to an increasingly creolized population.’
    • ‘This is a highly creolized archive - a patrimony that resists any simple fixing of national identity.’
    • ‘This Christian orientation, however, is a creolized one that changes as we move up the class hierarchy.’
    • ‘The creolised form of the language that evolved was given the name Tetum Praca; praca is Portuguese for marketplace.’



/ˈkriːə(ʊ)lʌɪz/ /ˈkrɪɒlʌɪz/