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  • 1(of a bird or other animal) having a comb or tuft of feathers, fur, or skin on the head.

    ‘the crested drake mandarin duck’
    • ‘a plush-crested jay’
    • ‘They have a gray-blue feather crested head, which they can raise and lower.’
    • ‘In Bendigo, near where I live in north-central Victoria, there are now huge numbers of crested pigeons.’
    • ‘As yet another scorching summer has drawn to a close in Mumbai, one hears the haunting cry of the pied crested cuckoo.’
    • ‘As some of us slept, others watched the courtship of a pair of paradise flycatchers and a pair of crested buntings.’
    • ‘Its overall bright red color and crested head feathers, which raise when the bird is alert or excited, readily identify the male.’
    • ‘The noise from the birds (mostly lesser crested tern and common noddy) was deafening.’
    • ‘The Belted Kingfisher is a medium-sized, stocky bird with a large, crested head, and a long, solid bill.’
    • ‘More than 200 species of birds are also found here, including the rare Storm's stork and the oriental darter, kingfishers and raptors such as the crested serpent eagle.’
    • ‘Presently its chatter attracted a beautiful crested blue jay that flew close and uttered high-pitched notes, wild and fierce in their intensity.’
    • ‘Known to the pharaohs as the crested ibis, it was regularly featured in jewelry and art, and, like the sacred ibis, had its own hieroglyph which symbolized splendor and brilliance.’
    • ‘The male has a dark green crested head, a white neck ring and a rusty breast.’
    • ‘Indeed, the social stimulation derived from the calling and courting of neighbors in the colony has been shown to hasten the development of eggs in crested penguins.’
    • ‘My private encounter with a family of crested firebacks, one of the many stunning partridges in the area, will long remain in my mind's eye.’
    • ‘DNA evidence suggests that the ancestors of crested penguins laid two eggs.’
    • ‘They have distinctive crested heads, black throats, and black masks lightly lined with white.’
    • ‘The erect-crested penguin is one of five species known as crested penguins.’
    • ‘Bird watchers also visit to see the crested grebes which nest here.’
    • ‘This reporter happened upon a rare sighting of two crested serpent eagles circling together in the sky over the forest canopy.’
    • ‘Black crested gulls swirled along the atmosphere; the air was permanently imbued with the scent of salt and fish, fresh or otherwise.’
    • ‘With a bit of luck the pair of crested cranes, presently living in the reserve, can be spotted in all their splendour as an added bonus.’
  • 2Emblazoned with a coat of arms or other emblem.

    • ‘crested notepaper’



/ˈkrestəd/ /ˈkrɛstəd/