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  • Denoting an anatomical structure that is pierced by numerous small holes, in particular the plate of the ethmoid bone through which the olfactory nerves pass.

    ‘Olfactory nerve fibers enter the cranial cavity through foramina in the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone and synapse on neurons in the olfactory bulb.’
    • ‘On each side of the groove the dura is rough, because of its attachment to the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone and because it is pierced by numerous olfactory nerve bundles.’
    • ‘Turner 18 worked with neurovirulent strains of vaccinia virus and has already suggested that infection of the central nervous system could occur directly via the nasal mucosa and cribriform plate.’
    • ‘Naegleria fowleri is known to enter the cranial cavity by way of the cribriform plate and the olfactory organs.’
    • ‘The remainder of the paranasal sinuses and cribriform plate were normal.’



/ˈkribrəˌfôrm/ /ˈkrɪbrəˌfɔrm/


Mid 18th century from Latin cribrum ‘sieve’+ -form.