Definition of cricketing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrikədiNG/ /ˈkrɪkədɪŋ/


  • Relating to the playing of cricket.

    ‘a true cricketing legend’
    • ‘The political biography is preceded by a fine chapter on his cricketing career.’
    • ‘Who then, is the greatest batsman of all time, in the cricketing world?’
    • ‘Relations between Australia and Britain were changed forever by these two cricketing summers.’
    • ‘He also had a superb cricketing brain, and was even spoken of as a future captain of India.’
    • ‘I have given cricketing gear to the school.’
    • ‘He ended the opposition bowler's career and earned the curses of millions of Indian cricketing fans.’
    • ‘The Australians continued to rule the cricketing world in Tests.’
    • ‘Many cricketing legends appeared at the club.’
    • ‘Fans naturally have an interest in hearing just what our cricketing heroes have to say about themselves, their careers and the great game itself.’
    • ‘His cricketing prowess had not gone unnoticed when he was selected to tour India.’