Definition of cricoid in English:


(also cricoid cartilage)

Pronunciation /ˈkrīkoid/ /ˈkraɪkɔɪd/


  • The ring-shaped cartilage of the larynx.

    ‘Cricothyrotomy - a medical procedure involving an incision being made between the cricoid and thyroid cartilages to maintain patency of the airway.’
    • ‘On the top edge of the cricoid are the two small arytenoid cartilages.’
    • ‘The application of cricoid pressure compensates for decreased UES tone by compressing the proximal esophageal lumen between the cricoid cartilage and the cervical vertebrae.’
    • ‘The thyroid cartilage and epiglottis are connected to the hyoid bone, and the cricoid cartilage is connected to the trachea by the extrinsic ligaments of the larynx.’
    • ‘The larynx rests on the ring-shaped cricoid cartilage, and below this is the trachea.’


Mid 18th century from modern Latin cricoides ‘ring-shaped’, from Greek krikoeidēs, from krikos ‘ring’.