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  • Behavior that is contrary to or forbidden by criminal law.

    ‘a regime that sanctions organized criminality’
    • ‘The film explores more important issues than the criminality of one corporation.’
    • ‘He is not proud of his criminality, but he also doesn't make excuses for it.’
    • ‘Criminality is also deterring investment and production in agriculture.’
    • ‘Criminality, we trust, will be investigated and punished.’
    • ‘Rather than report Alonzo for his criminality, he will simply walk away.’
    • ‘Yet, his behavior during this whole episode does not square with the criminality that the government is alleging.’
    • ‘He swept away much of the petty criminality that financed other illegal activities in the city.’
    • ‘We have our fair share of criminality, but we also have a strict legal environment where it is quite clear how criminals must be dealt with.’
    • ‘To find evidence of motive and intention to commit fraud, prosecutors look for evidence of criminality.’
    • ‘More than ten different motives for the crime are being investigated, such are the wide-ranging lines of criminality associated with the gang.’



/kriməˈnalədē/ /krɪməˈnælədi/