Definition of crisis center in English:

crisis center


  • 1A facility, telephone answering system, etc., where individuals going through personal crises can obtain help or advice.

    ‘In July 1999, the Council of Women's Organizations established a crisis center for abused persons.’
    • ‘A political party has established a crisis center where people can drop off food, clothing or money for the victims.’
    • ‘The crisis center Pisklakova works at offers telephone counselors, psychologists, and lawyers who offer assistance to battered women, if only temporarily.’
    • ‘We provide emergency clothing and food, and we're trying to open a crisis center and disciple home here in Hollywood.’
    • ‘Health clinics in Merril are reporting a drastic increase in depression, and the crisis center is filled to capacity.’
    • ‘He contacted the crisis center again a few weeks later to thank us.’
    • ‘You posted a couple of weeks ago about the work that you do at the pregnancy crisis center.’
    • ‘I nodded to acknowledge her, and seeing that, she continued, ‘There's a crisis center down the road from us, and of course, you still have the counselor you can talk to.’’
    • ‘I'll write a referral so someone from the emotional crisis center will come by, okay?’
    • ‘When I was in the crisis center, I had this real break with reality kind of situation, and after a couple weeks of being in this totally supportive and helpful environment, I was OK.’
    • ‘In February of 1999, Esther Chavez Cano, a dedicated feminist in her late sixties, opened a rape and assault crisis center in Ciudad Juarez known as Casa Amiga.’
    • ‘The hotline network links crisis centers around the country, ensuring that all calls are answered in a timely manner and that callers receive assistance from a crisis center in their area.’
    • ‘Jim got a law degree from the University of Tennessee, volunteered time on the board of the sexual assault crisis center, and became chairman of the Rescue Squad.’
    • ‘See your therapist, a friend, or the local crisis center.’
    • ‘Do call your doctor or the local suicide crisis center right away if you start thinking about suicide.’
    • ‘She did not want her husband to know she had gone to the women's crisis center and was assured this would be kept confidential.’
    • ‘Get support immediately by talking to a campus professional, crisis center, or local help hotline.’
    • ‘I suggest bringing home a leaflet about a crisis center or hotline or something similar.’
    • ‘The movements in England, South Africa, and the United States were started largely by individual women creating crisis centers and hotlines.’
    • ‘Some crisis centers with an Internet presence offer e-mail contact, but remember that responses may not be as prompt as with telephone support.’
    1. 1.1An office or agency that serves as a clearinghouse for information and coordinates action during an emergency or disaster.
      ‘One option is the Pusat Krisis Terpadu, an integrated crisis center housed within the Emergency section of the Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital.’
      • ‘He said all those officials involved in flood prevention projects, including himself, had printed a book containing information on the crisis center.’
      • ‘In an urgent situation, an emergency room or crisis center can help.’
      • ‘I have proposed an allocation of Rp 200 billion from the city budget to build an integrated crisis center for floods, fire and other emergencies.’
      • ‘During the study, some 18 councillors of the commission visited Tokyo's crisis center and its fire headquarters to study disaster management.’
      • ‘The subdistrict deputy chief said his office had set up crisis centers in each neighborhood unit.’
      • ‘He said that the city administration had also set up a crisis center chaired by Governor Sutiyoso, while public order and people's protection agency head Firman Hutajulu would be in charge of daily operations.’
      • ‘I went to the crisis center out in Fort Totten here in New York, and that's how I learned that he was actually at the scene with Chief Downey, and that he was indeed on the list of the missing.’
      • ‘And still they come to the tsunami crisis center in Phuket to identify from photographs relatives and friends they've lost.’
      • ‘I went to the crisis center out at Fort Totten here in New York.’
      • ‘While playing down the forecast of floods, he admitted that the crisis center would not be ready until next week.’
      • ‘We have set up crisis centers in each neighborhood unit, as well as at the subdistrict office, a nearby school and church.’
      • ‘‘We earlier opened three crisis centers at Udayana University and have been working to help locals killed or injured in the blast,’ Gentry said.’
      • ‘A crew of the NTV television and a foreign doctor entered the building with the medicines several minutes ago, a source with the crisis center has told Interfax.’
      • ‘While most federal workers headed home, transportation experts headed to a crisis center to monitor the nation's infrastructure.’
      • ‘We have no plan to buy the electronic equipment which reportedly costs billions of rupiah,’ Muhayat said, adding that the city administration also had no plan to build a new crisis center.’
      • ‘Her death brought the number of people killed in the blast to 184, said Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, head of the crisis center at the hospital.’
      • ‘Apart from relief funds, the Idep Foundation, comparable to a crisis center, also distributed medicine.’
      • ‘Earlier, crisis center spokesman A.A. Gulo said that the number of victims and refugees could change at anytime due to limited communication.’
      • ‘Separately, head of the flood mitigation task force at City Hall, Soebagio, said that the existing crisis center did not have a role in handling the current floods.’