Definition of crisper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrispər/ /ˈkrɪspər/

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  • A compartment at the bottom of a refrigerator for storing fruit and vegetables.

    ‘Place unwashed kale in a plastic bag and keep it in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator for up to a week.’
    • ‘Fresh spinach can be dried and packed loosely in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator crisper.’
    • ‘Keep them in a closed bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer.’
    • ‘Some people keep their bulbs in the refrigerator crisper drawer, taking care to avoid storing them with ripening fruit.’
    • ‘Patty arranged the large cutting board on the counter and went to the crisper for the vegetables.’
    • ‘Save the vegetable crisper for lettuce and carrots.’
    • ‘You know, those shriveled brown vegetables down in the vegetable crisper?’
    • ‘Put them into a plastic bag with a number of small holes, and put these in a cold root cellar or in the crisper of the refrigerator.’
    • ‘And, be a darling and get the eggplant out from the vegetable crisper, will you?’
    • ‘Now is the time to plant those hyacinth and tulip bulbs that you have had chilling in the crisper of the refrigerator.’
    • ‘To chill bulbs in the refrigerator, just store them in a mesh or paper bag in the crisper section until they're ready to be forced.’
    • ‘Advanced features such as electronic controls, humidity-sealed crispers and an adjustable-temperature meat storage drawer keep groceries fresh, crisp and cold.’
    • ‘The best way of keeping it fresh is to put it in a perforated plastic bag and keep it in the crisper.’
    • ‘The online reviewing biz is not for the squeamish - our turnover rate is high, with the average writer lasting less time than fresh cilantro in the crisper.’
    • ‘I'm not that thrilled about stocking the freezer with former pets - isn't there enough fur in the salad crisper already?’
    • ‘Crisp green stems should be loosely wrapped in paper towel and kept in the crisper.’
    • ‘Don't plant tulips yet, but put them in the fridge crisper for around six weeks and plant in May.’
    • ‘On a visit to India, Kim came up with a refrigerator with an extra-large crisper and small freezer for a nation of vegetarians.’
    • ‘The crisper drawer contains two apples, a bag of black seedless grapes, and a bulb of garlic.’
    • ‘She took the vegetables out of the crisper and found herself thinking again how nice it would be to have a frost-free fridge.’