Definition of criterium in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkrīˈtirēəm/ /ˌkraɪˈtɪriəm/


  • A one-day bicycle race on a circuit road course.

    ‘However, by following some basic guidelines, even an amateur club team can employ team strategy and tactics for one-day road races and criteriums.’
    • ‘And now that I've sampled the biggest stage races, criteriums and road races in North America, I think I'll step back and evaluate what kind of rider I am, where my strengths lie, and what I need to improve upon.’
    • ‘Twenty-seven competitors fronted the event, held at Enoggera in late April, to compete in a 60 km road race and a criterium.’
    • ‘We will be racing the four-day Tour of Geelong, which consists of a time trial, a criterium, a circuit race and a road race.’
    • ‘The first week of competition also features the cycling stars of tomorrow as junior and U23 riders compete in time trial, road race and criterium events.’
    • ‘Individual national titles were based upon a combination of Friday's criterium and Saturday's road race by rewarding consistency in two distinctly different road cycling events.’
    • ‘My plan was to sort of take it a bit easy in the criterium, because tomorrow's road race looks really hard.’
    • ‘The exception, of course, is if you need a saddle solely for criterium racing where all-day comfort isn't an issue, but weight-savings is.’
    • ‘Fleche was the fastest race I have done this season, and amazingly faster then most of the criteriums I did while racing in America with an average speed of 47 kph!’
    • ‘On a sporting level, you have to note the consistent performances of Shannon in the toughest criteriums on the circuit.’
    • ‘If McCormack is racing a 2 p.m. criterium, he starts his day with the same breakfast he'd have before a road race, then three hours prior to start time eats a light pre-race lunch.’
    • ‘Before coming to the USA I probably would have come up with some excuse not to race in a criterium, in fact I was always scared of them, but now I'm really starting to enjoy them.’
    • ‘She won the road race, the time trial and the criterium.’
    • ‘The third stage was a criterium, a 60-minute race on a one-mile course weaving through the streets of Fairfield.’
    • ‘This race brings together elite Canadian and international cyclists for a criterium race through the cobblestone streets of Gastown, an historical downtown district.’
    • ‘A sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was seriously injured in a criterium race Saturday May 7.’
    • ‘Tight cornering and fast straight-aways are the ingredients for an exciting criterium race.’
    • ‘I'm all for the four and five hour hard races here, and the criteriums.’
    • ‘The three-man break went away fairly early in the 60-minute criterium, which was run over a 2 Km course in warm, windy conditions.’
    • ‘There's usually a local time trial series and a weekly evening criterium in which members hone their skills for the real races on the weekend.’