Definition of critical pressure in English:

critical pressure

Pronunciation /ˈkridəkəl ˈpreSHər/ /ˈkrɪdəkəl ˈprɛʃər/


  • The pressure of a gas or vapor in its critical state.

    ‘Increases of surface pressure were recorded for different initial lipid surface pressures to determine the critical pressure of insertion of the peptide into lipids.’
    • ‘The flow-limited segment of the pressure-flow relationship is used to define the critical pressure as the nasal pressure at which airflow ceases.’
    • ‘Pharyngeal critical pressure is the pressure below which occlusion and cessation of airflow occurs.’
    • ‘Miscibility critical pressure is a sensitive function of the lipids in the monolayer.’
    • ‘The current work shows that lipid asymmetry and unsaturation both result in high critical pressures in monolayers.’