Definition of critical volume in English:

critical volume

Pronunciation /ˈkridəkəl ˈvälyəm/ /ˈkrɪdəkəl ˈvɑljəm/ /ˈvälˌyo͞om/ /ˈvɑlˌjum/


  • The volume occupied by a unit mass of a gas or vapor in its critical state.

    ‘When the volume occupied by the nucleating phase exceeds the so-called critical volume, fluctuations favor the formation of the new phase.’
    • ‘For instance, two copies of CLN3 cause a smaller critical volume than one copy, and higher doses can decrease volume still further.’
    • ‘The model demonstrates that the spherical cap solution is unstable at a contact-angle-dependent critical volume, reminiscent of the experimental findings.’
    • ‘The contact angle dependence of the critical volume is quantitatively consistent with the experiments.’
    • ‘The critical volume of intravasation before symptoms are exhibited is not predictable.’