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  • 1A person or animal that croaks.

    ‘In bays, rivers and lakes, predators like pike, walleye, white croaker, and largemouth bass accumulate the most mercury.’
    • ‘Surimi is a medley of cheap fish (eel, croaker, lizard fish), minced and formed into thousands of items.’
    • ‘It includes whiting, sand trout, croaker, sheepshead, flounder, redfish and black drum.’
    • ‘Adult halibut prefer a diet of small fish such as anchovies, sardines, and white croaker.’
    • ‘In April 1990, the Department of Fish and Game outlawed harvesting of white croaker, a bottom-feeding fish, off Palos Verdes Peninsula.’
    • ‘The inshore division recognizes eight species: croaker, black drum, flounder, gafftop catfish, gar, redfish, sheepshead, and speckled trout.’
    • ‘With its staccato, drumlike call, the Atlantic croaker sounds more like a frog than a fish.’
    • ‘Two days after most fronts, coastal fishermen can count on better catches of speckled trout and reds, even croaker and sand trout.’
    • ‘It's a cousin to the black drum, spotted seatrout and Atlantic croaker.’
    • ‘They might take smaller prey on an opportunistic whim, but they also can swallow whole mullet, croakers, sand trout - or juvenile specks - more than a foot long.’
    • ‘When it's good, it's really good, say trout anglers who use croakers as bait, but the wild ride is only temporary.’
    • ‘Similar importations spread the croakers to Asia, Europe, and South America.’
    • ‘Asians were most likely to do so, and were at particular risk because of their cultural preferences for white croaker (a toxic sponge of a fish) and for eating the fish skin and cooking juices, in which contaminants often concentrate.’
    • ‘In addition to the striped bass, the Atlantic croaker, or hardhead, is also a major predator of juvenile blue crabs.’
    • ‘Beachfront croakers and whiting are the saltwater equivalents of freshwater's redears and bluegills.’
    • ‘The meagre is not called croaker, but it can and does make the noise which gives their name to croakers.’
    • ‘Never mind ongoing controversy over croaker use by bay fishermen.’
    • ‘The best of the hot dishes is their fried yellow croaker.’
    • ‘He is eating croaker and plantains and minding his own business.’
    • ‘Smoked yellow croaker and pork with bamboo fragrance are two delicacies in the restaurant.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for drum
      • ‘It belongs to the family Sciaenidae and is thus a close relation of the croakers and drums.’



/ˈkrōkər/ /ˈkroʊkər/