Definition of crocked in English:


Pronunciation /kräkt/ /krɑkt/


  • 1North American Drunk.

    • ‘his party guests were pretty crocked’
    • ‘By then they were sufficiently crocked on Bulgarian plonk not to notice.’
    • ‘They honored some mischievous actions taken while the doer was mind-swimmingly crocked.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be long before Bill would show up at some meeting just crocked.’
    • ‘He and his 15-year-old brother got crocked at a party.’
    • ‘On the surface, of course, the trip seemed like a fantastic lark - drive to Louisville, do some interviews, and get crocked with the good Doctor.’
  • 2British (especially of a sports player) unable to play or perform due to injury.

    • ‘he replaced the crocked captain early in the game’