Definition of crocodile bird in English:

crocodile bird


  • The Egyptian plover, which is said to feed on insects parasitic on crocodiles.

    ‘In contrast, crocodile birds wander freely among the basking creatures, picking leeches and parasites from their skins, and food fragments from their mouths.’
    • ‘Although crocodiles are formidable predators, taking prey as large as antelopes, they will allow crocodile birds to scavenge among their teeth.’
    • ‘My suspicions about his state of mind were further exacerbated when Libby went on to compare political reporters with Egyptian plovers, or crocodile birds, which pick food from between jagged teeth in the opened mouths of massive crocs.’
    • ‘The crocodile bird is a plover-like courser.’


crocodile bird

/ˈkräkəˌdīl bərd/ /ˈkrɑkəˌdaɪl bərd/