Definition of crookbacked in English:




See crookback

‘But it so happened that the small crookbacked old man once again came wandering with his sack on the back.’
  • ‘The lintel twists with numerals, the four walls buckling with crookbacked joists until ghosts hang homeless in the lurching levels.’
  • ‘We learn from these reports that Knupp had some physical deficiencies, for example that one of his legs was shorter than the other, that he was crookbacked, sweated easily and had bad teeth.’
  • ‘They were attended by a crookbacked corduroy-clad waiter, almost toothless, with vigorous tufts of snowy hair sprouting from his nose & ear holes.’
  • ‘He was an ancient, harmless, crookbacked little man whose sunken chest barely managed to support two corroded medals, earned for heaven knows what acts of bravery during the first half of the previous century.’



/ˈkro͝okbakt/ /ˈkrʊkbækt/