Definition of crop dusting in English:

crop dusting

Pronunciation /ˈkräp ˌdəstiNG/ /ˈkrɑp ˌdəstɪŋ/

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  • The spraying of powdered or liquid insecticide or fertilizer on crops, especially from the air.

    ‘According to Time magazine, this was all in response to the FBI finding instructional material on crop dusting in the apartment of one of the attackers.’
    • ‘The profession of crop dusting often requires a pilot to be fairly mobile and migrate to where the work is.’
    • ‘‘In crop dusting, the farmers would buy and supply the actual chemicals,’ he says.’
    • ‘As the result of this being used for crop dusting and cloud seeding, the corrosive effects of the chemicals did considerable damage to the structure.’
    • ‘A manual on crop dusting was found in a suspected terrorist hideout - raising the spectre that they were planning to use chemical or biological weapons.’
    • ‘Did you notice something strange about it when they were coming by every weekend to ask about crop dusting?’
    • ‘He started a crop dusting and spraying business which became quite successful.’
    • ‘The United States imposes a one-day ban on crop dusting planes over concerns about a possible chemical weapon attack.’
    • ‘Some 40 years ago lethal chemicals were dropped on the Wiltshire countryside by crop dusting planes and tested on volunteer soldiers who had no idea of the risks.’
    • ‘The five ton aircraft normally carries about two tons of crop dusting chemicals.’
    • ‘For your birthday, I bought you a crop dusting plane.’
    • ‘He runs a crop dusting business in Florida and he was suspicious about some people who wanted to learn about flying those planes.’