Definition of cross-assembler in English:


Pronunciation /krôsəˈsemblər/ /krɔsəˈsɛmblər/


  • An assembler which can convert instructions into machine code for a computer other than that on which it is run.

    ‘He used such systems to develop and run his cross-assemblers and compilers.’
    • ‘Our architecture uses the notion of reflection and design patterns to adapt dynamically the cross-assemblers to corresponding assembly languages.’
    • ‘This page lists assemblers, cross-assemblers, linkers, and librarians.’
    • ‘As such, cross-assemblers, cross-compilers, and emulators are the tools of the trade for the embedded systems developer.’
    • ‘This tool, in combination with cross-assemblers, is the best self-invention and makes coding extremely easy and comfortable.’