Definition of cross-cultural in English:



  • Relating to different cultures or comparison between them.

    ‘cross-cultural understanding’
    • ‘When it comes to cross-cultural comparisons, however, the situation is very different.’
    • ‘There was no intention to make cross-cultural comparisons in this study.’
    • ‘It is made easier by the fact that they trust their young and facilitate cross-cultural understanding.’
    • ‘I say to the Government that this is not how to progress sound, cross-cultural understanding in New Zealand.’
    • ‘One limitation often found in cross-cultural research is a failure to interpret differences between cultures.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, there were stable, albeit limited, cross-cultural differences.’
    • ‘Comparability across cultures remains at the heart of cross-cultural psychology.’
    • ‘He imagines a cross-cultural dialogue between representatives of different traditions.’
    • ‘However, while on paper we should be delighted about this cross-cultural pollination, the reality of it in Bradford is very different.’
    • ‘A voluntary youth group is doing its best to keep youngsters occupied during the holidays and promoting cross-cultural links at the same time.’
    • ‘I am from a cross-cultural family with a mother from Delhi, India and an English brown-haired, blue-eyed father.’
    • ‘Twinning links are being established between schools and organisations interested in developing cross-cultural links.’
    • ‘The first case emphasised the difficulties inherent in cross-cultural marriages.’
    • ‘What is the basic premise for this multi-media, cross-cultural workshop?’
    • ‘It took some time, but eventually all four communities agreed to participate in the cross-cultural meetings.’
    • ‘It is a great way to develop cross-cultural awareness, global citizenship and community involvement.’
    • ‘A cross-cultural event, it had an amazing selection of contemporary works of art from five continents.’
    • ‘Everybody gets on because we can all defuse our cross-cultural tensions by cracking jokes about our belief systems and ourselves.’
    • ‘A cross-cultural music centre would be fabulous if run properly.’
    • ‘Early in my time here, I had the chance to attend a cross-cultural course.’