Definition of cross-party in English:



  • Involving or relating to two or more political parties.

    ‘a cross-party committee of MPs’
    • ‘It is a bill that has the cross-party support of all parties and all members of the House.’
    • ‘I look forward to support for that from the other Opposition parties for a cross-party view of this matter.’
    • ‘Beyond that, it is a revolt against cross-party rule by political oligarchies, frustrating the known wishes of the population.’
    • ‘It was launched to illustrate the strength of local feeling to the county council and cross-party councillors gave their full support to the campaign.’
    • ‘We had been given an indication from other political parties in this House that we would have cross-party support to deal with this issue.’
    • ‘A cross-party committee of Privy Counsellors has produced a report which heavily criticises this part of the Act.’
    • ‘The standing committees are an empty formality, and the cross-party select committees have no power.’
    • ‘Parties have also drawn on cross-party sources for policy advice.’
    • ‘This perhaps reflected the high level of cross-party support by leading politicians, and all but one of the national newspapers.’
    • ‘The German government's policy was the product of cross-party coalition and European market strength.’
    • ‘If Taiwan wants to stay on the road of democracy, then cross-party cooperation will be a step in the right direction.’
    • ‘He said honours should be decided by a cross-party committee of MPs instead of ministers and civil servants.’
    • ‘Last week the council agreed to set up a cross-party working party to investigate all aspects of operations at the tip.’
    • ‘The supporters' trust had hoped the issue wouldn't become a political football and wanted cross-party support.’
    • ‘The cross-party political response that ensued provides important lessons that Britain has failed to learn.’
    • ‘On Saturday the ruling and opposition parties convened for cross-party negotiations.’
    • ‘This is the result of the parties thinking about cross-party reconciliation.’
    • ‘The rigorous action by federal interior ministers has led to cross-party protests within the national parliament.’
    • ‘Both are cross-party bodies, but have a strong Conservative presence.’
    • ‘The council today insisted the licensing committee included cross-party representation and would be impartial.’
    collaborative, collective, communal, combined, common, joint, shared, mutual, united, unified, allied, cross-party, pooled, mass, concerted, coordinated, interactive, unanimous, harmonious