Definition of cross one's fingers in English:

cross one's fingers


(also keep one's fingers crossed)
  • 1Put one finger across another as a sign of hoping for good luck.

    ‘we will be keeping our fingers crossed that a quick thaw is on its way’
    • ‘However all concerned are keeping their fingers crossed in the hope that the work will be completed.’
    • ‘We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the blood tests will prove negative.’
    • ‘This year, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope all will be well.’
    • ‘So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that it's a little bit light enough in the morning to burn those clouds off.’
    • ‘Or they may decide to keep their fingers crossed until their renewal date and hope that no major disaster strikes.’
    • ‘We kept our fingers crossed that the rain would continue, and when it did we planted broad beans, broccoli, and radishes which are now thriving.’
    • ‘Jamilla kept her fingers crossed and it wasn't long before her innermost prayers were answered: she got an opening to play overseas.’
    • ‘I'm crossing my fingers for the best, and holding my breath until March 26.’
    • ‘She clambered into the boat and, crossing her fingers that this crazy experiment would work, began to row.’
    • ‘If nothing unlucky happens to you today, cross your fingers and touch wood because it's only six months until the next Friday the 13th.’
    hope for the best
    1. 1.1Hope that someone or something will be successful.
      ‘Too many people cross their fingers and pray for success.’
      • ‘Dismayed by the unexpected cancellation of the show this year, citizens are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping it will take off next year without any hitches.’
      • ‘However, hardcore fans are still keeping their fingers crossed and hoping the controversy sorts itself out and that they get to see the star first day first show.’
      • ‘A few days before the show, the organizers had been keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that the youngsters would turn out in large enough numbers.’
      • ‘We were aware the announcement was due and all the signs were that it was going to be successful and we were keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.’
      • ‘They'd kept their fingers crossed, hoping they'd do well in the competition.’
      • ‘Janine is crossing her fingers for stardom after starting at the prestigious Arts Educational School.’
      • ‘Provided the journey goes smoothly, the five should reach the coast in August - and Andy is crossing his fingers that the expedition runs to schedule.’
      • ‘I crossed my fingers hoping it would work.’
      • ‘Howarth is refusing to be overawed as he keeps his fingers crossed for a chance to show his class on the international stage.’