Definition of cross-pollinate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈˌkrɔs ˈpɔləˌneɪt/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Pollinate (a flower or plant) with pollen from another flower or plant.

    ‘these varieties benefit from being cross-pollinated by another compatible variety’
    • ‘Further complicating matters, corn is cross-pollinated, and corn pollen can travel fairly long distances, according to some.’
    • ‘Some carpels and ovules were only slightly enlarged despite the flowers being cross-pollinated by hand.’
    • ‘The bird then spreads the pollen to other B. ringens (commonly known as rat's tails), thereby cross-pollinating the plant species.’
    • ‘That's when cross-pollinating plants release their pollen into the air for fertilization.’
    • ‘Apple trees are cross-pollinated, and any that grow from seed are different from their parents.’
    • ‘He claims he only cross-pollinates different species of poplar to breed a disease resistant strain, ‘just like it's done in nature.’’
    • ‘I'm referring to cross-pollinating my plants of course.’
    • ‘That would cross-pollinate the crops that are already grown there.’
    • ‘Canadians began cross-pollinating the rape plants, and by the 1970s developed a variety that contains less than two percent erucic acid.’
    • ‘The plants to be cross-pollinated were planted in alternate rows in 5 m x 5 m plots with a row spacing of 60 cm.’
    • ‘Fourteen progeny plants were cross-pollinated in all combinations.’
    • ‘Research shows that fodder maize can cross-pollinate plants up to 800m away and that under certain conditions, can travel miles.’
    • ‘However, in a separate study, we observed that the amount and elongation rate of self-pollinated pollen tubes in the styles did not differ from those that were cross-pollinated.’
    • ‘It can self-pollinate, which saves one from having to manually go in with a tiny brush, but it can also be cross-pollinated.’
    • ‘This means that they do not produce pollen, however, they can be cross-pollinated with the ‘wild’ types and produce viable seeds.’
    • ‘Therefore, wild rice often absorbs genes from cultivars through hybridization since the wild progenitor tends to be cross-pollinated with its surrounding cultivars.’
    • ‘Preserve seed that hasn't been cross-pollinated.’
    • ‘Here, flowers cross-pollinate, birds settle indoors, thistles break through floors, and shards of glass and china lie on the grass.’
    • ‘They can migrate, mutate, and cross-pollinate with other plants.’
    • ‘And when a flower is the only show in town, there's a strong likelihood of its attracting attention and being cross-pollinated, even with few insect species around.’
    hybridize, cross-breed, interbreed, cross-fertilize, cross-pollinate, intercross, mix, intermix, blend