Definition of crow hop in English:

crow hop


  • 1A short jump with both feet together.

    1. 1.1North American A jump by a horse with its back arched and its legs stiffened.
      • ‘The saddle bronc had made two little crow hops onto the stampede grounds, but that was all.’
    2. 1.2In diving, a generally unlawful movement in which the diver's feet leave the springboard before the execution of the dive.
    3. 1.3Baseball A movement in which the fielder's momentum is enhanced through a quick pivot and step.
      ‘His feet aren't in the proper position because he hasn't mastered the crow hop yet; he often stands flat footed when he fires to first.’
      • ‘The crow hop is used to put you in a throwing position along the same path that you are moving.’
      • ‘In a properly executed crow hop, there are some key mechanics to be aware of.’
      • ‘To put a little extra power into your fielding plays, take a crow hop to add some zip to your throw.’
      • ‘Maryanne was teaching them to do crow hops in centerfield.’