Definition of cruft in English:



informal Computing
  • Badly designed, unnecessarily complicated, or unwanted code or software.

    • ‘this removes all unnecessary cruft from Word documents saved as HTML’
    • ‘Chances are, files not accessed during the past five years are either historical archives or cruft.’
    • ‘So the more cruft there is in an interface, the more difficult it will be to use.’
    • ‘This allows you to get very specific with your searches and weed out a lot of the cruft that can get in the way of good results.’
    • ‘The nice thing about this is not the idea, but the execution - the results are meaningful, easy to read, and low on cruft.’
    • ‘This will help control the cruft on your system as you install and remove source packages.’





1950s (in the sense ‘rubbish, detritus’): origin unknown.