Definition of cruising range in English:

cruising range

Pronunciation /ˈkro͞oziNG ˌrānj/ /ˈkruzɪŋ ˌreɪndʒ/


  • The maximum distance a ship or aircraft can travel at a given speed without refueling.

    ‘a fuel capacity of 2200 gallons should give a cruising range of around 2000 miles’
    • ‘Fuel capacity is 140 gallons and the cruising range is about 200 miles, allowing for a 10% fuel reserve.’
    • ‘These ships were fast and powerful and had a long cruising range but were of a design that essentially represented an update of late World War I practices.’
    • ‘The cruising ranges of the Pacific Fleet simply could not meet this necessity.’
    • ‘The fuel capacity is 300 gallons and cruising range will vary considerably depending on the engines installed and how the boat is operated.’
    • ‘Maximum speed is 110 km/h and cruising range is 650 km.’