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  • A thick, flat, savory cake with a soft, porous texture, made from a yeast mixture cooked on a griddle and eaten toasted and buttered.

    ‘Enjoy beautifully prepared cakes and pastries, or a full afternoon tea with sandwiches, toasted buttered crumpets and scones, while you are transported back in time.’
    • ‘At home my father tears open a packet of crumpets and toasts them on the Aga.’
    • ‘Staffordshire oatcakes are thicker and round, more like a thin crumpet or modern pikelet, and are fried with bacon for breakfast.’
    • ‘We shared two hot toasted crumpets and a cherry scone.’
    • ‘I got changed and toasted a hot crumpet to cure the cold and wet, before heading out in the car for dinner.’
    • ‘After a few months I might expand to toasting bagels, baps, teacakes and crumpets.’
    • ‘There is a vast difference between clover honey (which is good on breads and crumpets and in teas) and, say, buckwheat honey.’
    • ‘Chris stocked it with coffee, tea, honey, jam, crumpets, English muffins and butter.’
    • ‘There were no crumpets to be had, and the hot buttered muffins were tepid and rubbery.’
    • ‘On wet days, the children make scones and fudge, and play pirates in the sitting room, which involves roaring fires, and the toasting of sausages and crumpets.’
    • ‘Soon enough, there was a pot of steaming coffee and a plate of honey-drenched crumpets standing in front of her.’
    • ‘Still singing, I took the crumpets out of the toaster and put them on a plate, spreading a generous amount of butter over them.’
    • ‘He smiled, pleasantly, as if they were chatting over tea and crumpets.’
    • ‘We started off the morning with tea and crumpets.’
    • ‘They were low on bakery stuff however; I got the last packet of crumpets, though they were a bit squashed but I couldn't find a single loaf of bread.’





Late 17th century of unknown origin. crumpet (sense 2 of the noun) dates from the 1930s.