Definición de cryptobiont en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌkriptōˈbīänt/ /ˌkrɪptoʊˈbaɪɑnt/


  • An organism capable of cryptobiosis.

    ‘A community of cryptobionts that included sphinctozoan sponges, bryozoans, crinoids, brachiopods, and corals occupied resulting crypts.’
    • ‘The only real cryptobiont of the Balkans, the olm, has not yet been recorded by specialists in the western parts of Montenegro despite considerable anecdotal evidence of its presence.’
    • ‘Its presence, generally in the order of 0.2 g/g dry cell weight in most cryptobionts, enables them to resist extreme dehydration, high temperatures, X-rays and also, in some species of tardigrades, pressures as high as 600 MPa.’
    • ‘Paedomorphosis characterises the only European real cryptobiont, while the existence of alternative life-history pathways among individuals of the same population is extremely high in Balkan newts, especially along the Dinaric Alps.’