Definition of cryptogamic in English:



  • 1Botany
    Relating to or denoting cryptogams.

    ‘Diacylglyceryltrimethylhomoserine is known to be an important component of cryptogamic plants, including bryophytes, but its physiological role is still uncertain.’
    • ‘After this fact one need not be surprised at the diffusion of the far lighter and smaller sporules of cryptogamic plants.’
    • ‘Today the cryptogamic herbarium consists of 7000 lichens and 1500 bryophytes and continues to grow.’
    • ‘This collection reflects the full gamut of its dedicatee's research interests in cryptogamic physiology and ecology at the extremes.’
    • ‘The cryptogamic organisms help to stabilize the soil, hold moisture, and provide protection for germination of the seeds of other plants.’
    1. 1.1Ecology (of a desert soil or surface crust) covered with or consisting of a fragile black layer of cyanobacteria, mosses, and lichens, which is often important in preventing erosion.
      • ‘Formation of mature cryptogamic crust (dark ridges) typically requires decades free of disturbance.’



/ˌkriptəˈɡamik/ /ˌkrɪptəˈɡæmɪk/