Definition of crystalliferous in English:


(also crystalligerous)

Pronunciation /ˌkristəˈlifərəs/ /ˌkrɪstəˈlɪfərəs/


  • Bearing, containing, or producing crystals.

    ‘Intact crystalliferous cells can be found in such diverse plants as Pontederia or P. stratiotes (Araceae, Alismatales).’
    • ‘In B. weddellii, crystalliferous idioblasts were also present on the lateral lobes.’
    • ‘The secondary phloem in perennial stems consists of sieve tubes with companion cells, storage and crystalliferous parenchyma and sclereids in both species.’
    • ‘This characteristic results from the absence of one or two layers in palisade, since the crystalliferous layer is always present.’
    • ‘Growth ring limits, if distinct, demarcated by discontinuous marginal parenchyma bands composed of smaller and mostly crystalliferous cells; macroscopically, growth ring limits are quite distinct.’
    • ‘Secretory structures, such as crystalliferous idioblasts, parenchymatous cells containing ‘gum,’ and intercellular canals, are of wide occurrence within the Pinnatae.’
    • ‘It is shown by microchemical identification and EDAX analysis that the crystals embedded in the wail of crystalliferous phloem fibers are calcium oxalate crystals.’