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  • 1A tropical shrub of the pepper family, which bears pungent berries.

    Genus Piper, family Piperaceae: several species, including the Asian P. cubeba

    1. 1.1The dried unripe berries of the cubeb, used medicinally and to flavor cigarettes.
      ‘Sapphire, with grains of paradise and cubeb berries added to Bombay's botanical mix, has flavor and welcoming aromas.’
      • ‘Can you talk me through the Kelly chicken breast with pigeon peas, cubeb berries and Dalmatian sage?’
      • ‘In a medium saucepan, caramelize the sugar, orange and lemon zest, cardamom, pink peppercorns, and cubeb berries.’
      • ‘Grind the pink peppercorns and cubeb berries until very fine.’
      • ‘In Europe the cubeb was a minor spice of late medieval times and the 17th century and was still being mentioned (sometimes as Benin pepper) in some recipes in 18th-century European cookery books.’



/ˈkyo͞oˌbeb/ /ˈkjuˌbɛb/


Middle English from Old French cubebe, from Spanish Arabic kubēba, from Arabic kubāba.