Definition of cubistic in English:


Pronunciation /kyo͞oˈbistik/


See cubism

‘The National Museum in Hanoi is filled with works of this kind, as well as a number of cubistic and expressionistic works by Vietnamese artists who adapted aspects of European art movements.’
  • ‘In Bombay, he made cubistic dislocation and juxtaposition seem intrinsic to the Indian street, but then his work had been turning away from classical order for two decades.’
  • ‘Their multiple reflections presented a cubistic fragmentation of the sky, the skylight lattice and bits of the adjacent building.’
  • ‘Black and colored lines delineated triangular planes of color that made up a succession of cubistic forms.’
  • ‘Stark, cubistic, with flat surfaces outlined with bands of a blue-and-white checkerboard motif, the exterior was echoed inside with equally geometric furnishings.’