Definition of cultural attaché in English:

cultural attaché

Pronunciation /ˌkəlCH(ə)rəl ˌadəˈSHā/ /ˌkəltʃ(ə)rəl ˌædəˈʃeɪ/ /ˌkəlCH(ə)rəl aˌtaˈSHā/ /ˌkəltʃ(ə)rəl æˌtæˈʃeɪ/


  • An embassy official whose function is to promote cultural relations between the home country and the foreign country.

    ‘Speaking about the event, the cultural attaché of the French Embassy says: ‘We have invited people over to experience the magic of the Centre Court where the matches are being played in Paris.’’
    • ‘In 1951, while he was serving as the cultural attaché at the Polish embassy in Paris, he defected.’
    • ‘Assassinations included the British cultural attaché in Athens, the British deputy high commissioner in Bombay and a Jordanian diplomat in Ankara.’
    • ‘In 1951, he was in Paris, on duty as a Polish cultural attaché following elite assignments in the United States at the consulate in New York and embassy in Washington.’
    • ‘Among the guests at the event was the business and cultural attaché for the Embassy, who is keen to develop links with all the communities.’